Sharing Is Caring

Brandi Veil shares a lot more than just her houses with strangers on Airbnb.

She shares her heart.

In addition to being an Airbnb host, Veil is also a mother, educator, wellness coach and “sharing advocate.” As a sharing advocate, Veil believes sharing is about an exchange of human interaction that will help the economy grow. She started her own project, “Sharing Heals” based on this idea.

“Sharing Heals is a project focused on transformation through sharing,” Veil said. “The project aims to connect people on a deeper level of human experience through their stories while giving resources for earning a heart-based income.”

Veil’s idea of “sharing” began after a series of life changing events. In 2005 Veil had a major car accident that affected her physical movement temporarily. At 16-years-old, Veil lost her home during Hurricane Andrew and became an emancipated minor so her parents could rebuild their home. Now she is using Sharing Heals as a platform to connect with other people.

“If we can use the tools, technology, ‘sharing economy’ and self-awareness, we can shift to a more conscious consumer marketplace,” Veil said. “It is a way to help people connect to one another and the planet once again.”

Through various social media platforms, Veil promotes the Sharing Heals project and encourages peoples to “create wealth” by exchanging ideas and experiences with one another. She hosts live Google Hangouts and posts videos on her YouTube channel.

Veil’s project is just one of many ways Veil shares with the community. She is the founder of “Learn.Help.Teach.” or LHT, an organization that helps professionals practice sharing or pitching their ideas to audiences. The purpose is to build confidence in their speaking and presentation abilities.

Veil not only shares spiritually and emotionally, but she also shares her home on Airbnb. She hosts gatherings for Sharing Heals and LHT from one of the properties listed on the renting website. This has been Veil’s main source of income and she believes this new way of connecting with other people also helps the sharing economy.

“After the crash in 2010, my event company was broken up and I decided to go on a social mission,” Veil said. “Sharing Heals is only the first part of it and Airbnb launched that for me.”

Veil has had over 150 reservations since 2012. With every person who stays in her home, Veil aspires to create a unique sharing experience. She adds personal touches such as cutting flowers, writing personal letters and being a personal concierge for dinner and events in town.  She also offers healing and meditation sessions for her guests.

“My legacy is that everyday I have a chance I use wisdom and deep connection to my inner guidance to carry out the task at hand for a new world economy, one of a better good, more connected world,” Veil said.

Through Veil’s projects and her campaign to connect with others, she strives to “heal” the economy by sharing. Veil suggests that people should do the following: Use new technology to even out the playing commercial field; think local to global; love your neighbor; share your hurt, your car, your knowledge, etc.; and raise children with a deep understanding of gratitude.

The slogan for Sharing Heals is: “We are economic transformation.” With her projects, Veil hopes to achieve a “caring economy.”

“Sharing economy is only the beginning of a caring economy, one that is self-reliant and expanding into the global markets that serve the greater good,” Veil said.


Brandi Veil Infographic

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