Bryan M. Sullivan – Source Profile

Entertainment lawyer, Political Activist, Crowdfunding Author: these are some of the titles worn by Bryan M. Sullivan. His versatility and passion radiate from him, and it is clear that this man is driven and purposeful. Sullivan is a problem solver, and he is good at what he does.

In 2000, Sullivan earned his law degree at Boston College, then spent 10 years working for Glaser, Weir Fink, Jacobs, Howard and Shapiro LLP. There he built a working knowledge of law and an impressive clientele including Miley Cyrus.

Afterward Sullivan and four other partners left the company and founded Early, Sullivan, Wright, Gizer and McRae LLP. In the past 5 years the now multi-million dollar company has grown to 15 attorneys in four locations across the U.S. Sullivan is known for innovative thinking and risk taking. Founding his own firm was one of those risks, but now he knows it was the right move to get him noticed and really build his reputation.

Sullivan’s accomplishments show how valuable and versatile he is. He’s won numerous awards including several “Top Attorneys Under 40”and “Super Lawyer” awards. Sullivan is a dedicated non-profit and political activist, and he was awarded with Liberty Hill Foundation’s 2012 NextGen Leadership award because of his efforts in the non-profit community. He is involved with I Vote Inc. a youth voter engagement group and the Lion Fund for Children, a group that assists victims of sexual abuse.

In 2006, Sullivan co-founded BASTA Inc. a non-profit housing rights organization where they changed how evictions are done in Los Angeles. Most notably, the group assists tenants in landlord disputes by demanding jury trials, potentially diminishing unfair evictions. With this housing background he was appointed Sullivan to the Affordable Housing Commission by Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti. He served for a year before resigning to work on the mayor’s reelection campaign.

Even with all of his involvement in law and the non-profit sector Sullivan added another facet of his expertise, crowdfunding. Sullivan co-wrote two articles on with regards to crowdfunding and the legal ramifications that are just waiting to happen.

With all of his responsibilities one might think that they would each be neglected but all that Sullivan works on flourishes. His peers respect his work and he has truly earned his place in the world.





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