Snapchat Story

I had never used Snapchat before so I thought this would be a good opportunity to learn how the app works. Shortly after signing up for an account, I recorded all my video on my phone and saved it in my photo gallery. My profile is on a water polo player and I interviewed him in different locations. Although I couldn’t get any action shots of him in the pool because this was done after his practice, I shot b-roll of the aquatic center instead.

I didn’t know that all of the video has to be recorded on Snapchat for the footage to be imported into my “Snapchat story.” Additionally, I had no idea what a “Snapchat story” entailed or what stories are comprised of. Although part of the appeal with Snapchat is impermanence, I didn’t realize that each clip had to have a time limit of 10 seconds so that each sound bite should be very concise. When I tried uploading my footage using a third party app, I couldn’t quite edit the exact 10 seconds in a sound bite without cutting the interview in mid-sentence. Moreover, I would have made establishing shots much shorter and my pans much faster.

When I had recorded my footage, I didn’t know that all shots should be planned in order and that I couldn’t go back and edit if I wanted to. This inadvertently led to basic captions and text. I was more concerned with shooting than individually editing my clips as I go which is a huge drawback for me. Another issue I had with using a third party app is importing a lot of video. If I wanted to import more than five clips, then I would have had to pay for an upgrade.

Snapchat is useful for disseminating stories quickly. It could be useful to break a story or post short clips of a live event. This isn’t useful for posting many details or add in-depth text due to the fact you can’t edit any thing after you post. In my opinion, this app wouldn’t be useful for mundane things either because followers only want to see Snapchat stories that are newsworthy in general. Snapchat is entirely different than telling a story through broadcast or print media. I made many mistakes by shooting the story out of order with longer sound bites. I also shot all of the shots horizontally on my phone and this does not work as nicely with Snapchat. If I had seen other Snapchat stories prior to this assignment, then I would have understood the concept better and planned more accordingly.

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