A SnapChat survey about food and memory

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What did you do, and how did it go?

I interviewed people on the USC campus for a survey about food and memory. I asked two simple questions in this vox populi segment. The first question was, “What did you have for dinner last night?” The second question was, “What is your all-time favorite dish your mother made?” I was curious whether people had a more vivid memory about a recent meal or a dish with a deeper nostalgic connection.

What kinds of reporting assignments could you see yourself using something like SnapChat for?

I think the SnapChat format works great for vox populi reports. I could also see myself filming a creative b-roll collage to accompany a more traditional media report.

Is it about breaking news?

My report was not about breaking news but I think SnapChat has proven effective in reporting breaking stories around the world. The combination of mobility and immediacy is powerful.
Regular stories?

My story was more abnormal than regular.

Is it better suited for dramatic events or can it work for mundane things?

SnapChat seems well suited to tell a wide variety of stories. As Vince mentioned in our lecture hall, there are currently a billion SnapChats sent every day. I would imagine most of what of the content generated on SnapChat falls into the “mundane” category but even these clips can mean so much to the creators and recipients. It’s all about knowing your audience.

What did you learn from this assignment?

This was my first time using SnapChat. I mostly learned the dynamic of the interface in this exercise but look forward to experimenting with the service more in depth soon.

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