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Assuming you are all civilized human begins, you have Spotify… what I want you to do is select THREE song available on Spotify that represent your taste and music… and add a link to each of the songs in the comments section of this post.

Thus creating our Summer (Jams) Immersion Playlist.

No judgement in song choices… well, at least we’ll try.

Here’s a link to the class playlist:

22 thoughts on “Class playlist

    1. Did you know Christian Bale starred in the Newsies film? Also, I <3 all the songs on 500 Days of Summer soundtrack.

    1. I went with the radio version of Drake’s track… which happens to contain the dopest line in hip hop history: “Cake, cake cake cake cake cake”

    1. These have been added! A friend of mine described dubstep as “a transformer having sex with a washer machine.” :)

  1. Violent Femmes – American Music

    Triplettes of Belleville (soundtrack) – Rendez Vous

    Kendrick Lamar – i

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